Tis’ the season?

Grace Hedlund

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Ghosts and spider web decorations are taken down as Halloween comes to an end. Although Thanksgiving is next on the calendar, some have already stored away all things fall to display tinsel and ornaments. Because of the month separating Thanksgiving and Christmas, the holiday finds itself in a debate over whether the pumpkins should stay, or the tree is ready to come out. 

The end of the year is a rush of big holidays, and a drive down any neighborhood will light up this excitement. Many still have large pumpkins sitting out on the porch, while others quickly traded theirs in for wreaths. More people each year skip over Thanksgiving and go straight to the swirl of red and greens that characterize the month of December. 

“My house goes all out for Halloween, and as soon as November comes, we [my family] go all out with Christmas decorations,” Hadley Duplantis, sophomore, said. 

Thanksgiving is dedicated to reflecting on blessings received throughout the year. Decorating early for Christmas not only distracts from the importance of giving thanks, but it also ignores historical origins, such as pilgrims celebrating the First Thanksgiving after their initial harvest in the New World. Others refuse to decorate early simply because there is already an entire month devoted to celebrating Christmas.  

“I think it is just personal preference when you choose to decorate for Christmas, but for me I would wait to decorate until after Thanksgiving,” Andrew Smith, freshman, said. 

Most stores appeal to those who start decorating early. One can often find large amounts of Christmas decorations available in stores even before Halloween. Christmas is associated with happy, nostalgic feelings, which often motivates people to set up as soon as possible. Being with family gives many the holiday feel and allows Christmas-lovers the perfect opportunity to extend the joyful time. 

“I love decorating before Thanksgiving because it gives me a happy and nostalgic feeling, and I feel as the decorations fit the family environment,” Avery DiGirolamo, junior, said. 

Whether one strictly waits until Nov. 26 or rushes after Halloween to start a Christmas day countdown, everyone can enjoy the time spent with family and friends.