The showcase of Hispanic heritage

Yemi Mahmood

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April 28, 2022

On Aug. 17, 1988, former President Ronald Regan made Hispanic Heritage Month an official celebration. To commemorate Hispanic culture and pride during the month, Etowah High School’s International Students Association (ISA) held a heritage dance on Oct.15.  

The dance was held in the East cafeteria, and it displayed various Hispanic lifestyles. There was a showing and tasting of different foods from eight countries (Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Venezuela.) Students brought both their music and passion for learning about other cultures with them to the dance. 

“My country is Venezuela, and the food from my country is called Arepa. Arepa is a Venezuelan food made of ground maize dough, and I made these with beef, chicken, sausage, and cheese,” Barbara Patino, senior, said.  

Compared to past years, the dance has gained popularity with a greater number of attendees. Although it was a Hispanic-themed dance, students from various other cultures enjoyed the event and participated in the many activities. 

“I am so happy with the amount of people who showed up because this is the largest amount of people we have ever had. It just shows how supportive the Etowah community can be, and I appreciate that,” Michelle McGowan, club sponsor, said. 

Aside from students, teachers and parents also came to show their support. Advisors showed the guests how to do various dances, including the Dominican Republic Bachata and Merengue. 

“My favorite dance has to be the Bachata because it was the easiest one for me,” Dylan Parker, sophomore, said. 

 For students who missed the dance, ISA sets out to celebrate different cultures at every meeting. The club meets every first Wednesday of the month and is open to all students, providing an opportunity to learn and explore different lifestyles and foods.