The perfect playlist for the perfect weather


Windows cracked, hair whipping in the wind, the radio turned up. Warmer weather provides many opportunities to open the sunroof and let the long-awaited spring breeze flow through the car. This time of year beckons for music to match the mood. People make playlists to kickstart the season of warm weather. Read on to find one perfect for spring.

“My favorite part of having the windows down and blasting music is the way the wind feels on my face and in my hair. There is nothing like belting out rock and roll with your friends while the windows are down on the way to the lake or beach,” MK Kerlin, senior, said. 

Indie rock is a type of music that is becoming popular among teenagers. With different beats that stir a sense of happiness, any form of indie rock is the perfect song choice for windows down drives. 

“It is just really chill music that goes with any situation. It usually has a good message. It almost makes you feel peaceful,” Ansley Portman, freshman, said.  

Other upbeat artists include Surfaces, Khalid, Bazzi, and Post Malone. Songs such as Geronimo by Sheppard, The Nights by Avicii and Youth by Troye Sivan also consists of lyrics bound to fit the happiness that accompanies warm weather. 

“I think that the upbeat music that they produce reminds me of happy memories like riding with the windows down. These are really amazing artists that make really good music,” Bre Welton, sophomore, said. 

Students might also sing throwbacks with their windows down. Party in the USA, Umbrella, Dynamite,” and Hollaback Girl are a few of many upbeat examples of songs to help students can enjoy the weather. 

“I enjoy listening to throwback songs in the car with my friends because it reminds me of summer and helps me forget about my obligations,” Campbell Munsey, junior, said. 

Disney is a happy, family-friendly platform that provides many classic songs to enjoy in the car. Singing along to “Moana,” “Pocahontas,” or Mulan is bound to set a happy mood for driving in sunny weather. 

“I like singing Disney songs in my car because it is so fun and reminds me of my childhood, and when I do, I feel nostalgic and happy,” Sarah Deprospero, senior, said. 

With the upcoming spring season, get ready to embrace the weather and jam out to some upbeat music. Here is a Spotify playlist to help get ready for the weather to come.