Money CAN buy you happiness


It is the one year anniversary of the COVID-19 lockdowns, and many people have had a rough year. One way to make someone’s day is by purchasing a candy gram as a small token of appreciation. Etowah’s newspaper is holding a fundraiser to raise money for its program by offering to send small notes to students.

“Buying the candy grams will support Etowah’s newspaper, the Talon, and help keep it running,” Ila Prabhuram, sophomore co-organizer of the fundraiser, said.

The grams cost $2 and include a personalized note and candy for the recipient. The last day to purchase one is March 22.

“I think buying a candy gram is a good random act of kindness, and even though it seems really small, it could really make someone’s day,” Kaitlyn Lewis, senior, said. 

To buy a gram, click here. Next, write a message for the student and include his or her name. Finally, type in the price for the amount of candy grams. For purchases of multiple grams, type all of the notes into the text box, and adjust the price to match the number purchased. The candy grams will be delivered to literature teachers in the last week of March.

“You can customize your grams and display your love for your friends by sending them some. Candy grams are a great way to express your appreciation for a friend while supporting Etowah,” Prabhuram said.

The candy grams will help fund the Talon’s website. Be sure to kick off Etowah’s kindness week by buying friends these gifts