Summer bucket list


“Senioritis” is a term that high school seniors use to describe their lack of motivation to finish school work; however, seniors are not the only ones with this problem. Some students at Etowah are becoming burnt out from the stress of school. With only a few weeks left, summer serves as motivation for many students to push through the final stretch of the academic year. 

“I have senioritis because I hate waking up every day and going to school more than anything,” Walt Centers, senior, said. 

One thing students can look forward to this summer is the opportunity to make money. There are many more job openings after school ends. While some students work seasonally, others will take more shifts on the jobs they currently have because of their increase in availability.

“I want to work this summer, so I can have something to do, meet new people, and of course, make money, too,” Charlotte Luina, freshman, said.

In addition, other students plan to attend camps that may have not been open last year due to the pandemic. This year, many of these camps are experimenting how to spend time together safely.

As more states open up and loosen their COVID-19 restrictions, there are more options for vacations. For example, in Georgia, some tourist locations include Amicalola Falls and Stone Mountain. 

“I love going to summer camp because it is a great way to unplug, take a break from reality, and have fun with all my friends,” Julia Jensen, junior, said. 

Many took on the hobby of tie dying during the COVID-19 lockdowns, but the craft can continue. Things to tie dye include t-shirts, bandanas, and pillow cases.

Some classes assign books to read over the summer, but even for students with no reading requirements, it can be a form of relaxation. After reading books that were made into movies, one can host a movie night with friends. Some books with movie adaptations include, “Everything Everything,” “The Hunger Games,” “Twilight,” Maze Runner,” “A Girl on the Train,” and more. 

“My favorite movie adaptation of a book series would be ‘Harry Potter.’ I feel like the movies stayed close enough to the plot of the books, and I didn’t mind the details that they did change. I think the movies were really good overall and lived up to the books and the expectations I had,” Carlee Nichols, sophomore, said.

Focusing on the summer can help students stay positive through the final stretch of the school year.