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Naomi Williamson

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Summer Safety
May 25, 2021

One can often find an Etowah student writing a story while waiting for her brownies to finish baking.  She may seem introverted; however, there is more to her than most people notice. 

“I am kind of a hard person to understand at first because I am all over the place, but once get to know someone, I let them in; then I get more comfortable,” student said. 

 Kyra Spain, a Talon newspaper staff member, tends to keep her love for writing inside, not sharing how she feels with anybody who does not share the same passion 

Writing is not something I would bring it up in a conversation, but if someone asked me, I would tell them I like to write,” Spaisaid. 

For Spain, journalism holds a greater value than just a class. Spain’s grandmother, who was a journalist, helped fuel her inspiration for the subject. After her grandmother passed awaySpain began writing to express herself. 

“I have always wanted to follow in her footsteps and become a journalist,” Spain said. 

Spain’s family is important to her because they encourage her to be herself when she writes.  Spain’s brother, who she considers her best friendalways supports her by helping her with her writing.  

“My family have always been my biggest supporters especially when it comes to writing and sports. It’s good to know they have my back,” Spain said. 

After school, Spain plays flag football for EtowahIn her free time, she plays lacrosse, bakes, and spends quality time with her friends and family. 

“When I am in a good mood, or I just feel like it, I like to cook dinner for my family, and I will make brownies or cookies from scratch to cheer them up,” Spaisaid. 

Although Spain keeps to herself, she shares her story through her words.