Summer Safety

Summer Safety

Naomi Williamson, reporter

Bright sun. Relaxing days. No school. Although COVID-19 is still a part of everyday life, Etowah students are searching for summer activities that will keep them safe once school is finished.

“I enjoy hanging out with my friends over the summer, but I know it is important to stay safe, so I want to make sure it is a good idea before we do so,” Brooke Hurley, freshman, said.

To achieve the benefits of the outdoor weather while being socially distanced, students can:

· Camp in the backyard

· Make s’mores

· Go swimming in an open area

· Go on a picnic

· Stargaze

“I personally enjoy having a picnic because I am able to space out while still having the ability to converse and play games. During a picnic, I can eat, chat, play games, etc., while still staying a reasonable distance away, so everyone else involved is safe yet comfortable,” Mikalah Cloward, freshman, said.

Possible indoor activities include:

· Reading a book

· Conducting a science experiment

· Trying a new recipe

· Learning a new language

· Exercising

· Building a fort

· Creating something new

“I like reading books because not only would I do that during any season, but it gives you a chance to take a break from whatever you are doing and just relax. Reading is something that I can always do because it never changes,” Aiden Allen, senior, said.

To have personal time inside and away from others, students can turn on a device and:

· Video chat with friends and family

· Watch a movie

· Play online games

· Online shop

· Listen to a podcast/music

“My favorite thing to do online is video chat my friends and play online games with them to hang out after a long, hard day,” Kasey Hinkle, junior, said.

Enjoying oneself during the summer is something a student can always look forward to, whether it is outside, inside, or online. This year, it is important to have fun while still staying safe, so students can go here to find more COVID-19 friendly things to do.