Not another gift card


One week until Christmas, but many people have still not purchased gifts for their friends and family. Some procrastinate from stress, and others put off their purchases because they are not sure what to buy. Whichever of these apply to people, there is no need to worry. There are many gifts to give.

“I like Christmas shopping because I love getting things for other people,” Kaitlyn Lewis, senior, said.

For those looking for cute, cost-effective gifts, local stores have a variety of options. One benefit of shopping locally is supporting small businesses that are in need of customers.  Woodstock has many unique boutiques filled with stylish jewelry, clothes, trinkets, and home decor to brighten the house.

“I love to purchase gifts in Downtown Woodstock because there is such a variety of awesome clothes [and] things [that] can be gifted to anyone. There also tends to be a lot of great deals and sales as well,” Katie Brenneman, sophomore, said.

For the extrovert, many people enjoy party games, such as “Cards Against Humanity” and “What Do You Meme?” These are easy gifts to give loved ones something to do with their friends. If they already have the game, consider buying an extension pack of cards. These can be found online and at some local stores.

“I do [like shopping for Christmas online] because when I go out to stores to do my shopping there [are] long lines, especially due to COVID, and it’s easier to browse the store online,” KC Stevens, senior, said.

Some creative ideas to purchase online include a Polaroid camera, a waterproof shower speaker, a friendship lamp, or a mini movie projector. Be sure to select expedited shipping to receive orders before the holiday.

“I love to go online shopping for Christmas gifts because it has more of a variety and is safer,” Ella Daugherty, junior, said.

Sometimes it is difficult to find a gift for someone who does not want material objects. In those situations, the perfect present might include a night out or a trip to a restaurant. Similarly, many people appreciate DIY gifts because of the effort it takes to create something heartfelt. For example, “Open when” cards are a special gift that include a letter for the recipient to open in a variety of situations, such as when the recipient is sad or stressed.

This year has caused stress for many, but Christmas can still be a time of joy and happiness. Give these gifts to friends and family to ensure they have smiles on their faces.