Aloha means goodbye, too


Photo by Paige Brigman

The sudden closing of Etowah High School did not stop our school spirit and perseverance to get back to the game that many love and enjoy. On Sept. 3, the hybrid schedule debuted, and students dressed in their Hawaiian clothing both Thursday and Friday. The school was filled with hula skirts and leis, and colorful banners painted by students decorated the school.

”Painting banners was a great start to our season, and it was a way to show off our Eagle spirit for the first football game this year,” Bella Pacini, sophomore, said. 

To kick off the season, Etowah held its Senior Night to acknowledge senior football players, cheerleaders, athletic trainers, band, and colorguard. The ceremonies were held both before kickoff and during halftime. Banners and pictures  congratulating seniors were placed all over Eagle Mountain.

“Sharing the track with my best friends and walking down the field with both my parents by my side as they said my name from the jumbotron filled me with so much joy. I am grateful that I have a wonderful team and community who could honor me and all the band, football, and cheer seniors,” Sarah Oburu, color guard senior, said. 

Although only 25 percent capacity was allowed at the stadium due to COVID-19 guidelines, the student section and parents and friends made the most of it. Students had to stand six feet apart and cheer for their team louder than ever due to social distancing. Using trash cans and drumsticks, cow bells, and color bombs the student section created even more hype than usual. 

“The student section was definitely what you made of it. I made it my priority to never stop cheering and trying to make the most of the situation. Even though the result was not what we wanted, I am really glad we even got to be there to cheer on the football team,” Ally Zazzara, senior, said. 

As Etowah said “aloha” to the season and goodbye to its seniors, the spirit rocked the stadium. For more information on “Dos and Don’ts” of this year’s football season, check out the video made by senior, Connor Fisher, on Instagram @ehseagleconnection.