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Teresa Chan, editor

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In a world where competition dominates, most people want to get ahead. Throughout high school, students in AP, or Advanced Placement, classes have the opportunity to take the AP Exam at the end of the school year. The exam consists of rigorous questions, sometimes even essays, and is scored out of 5. If a student makes a score of a 3 or higher, it is equivalent to passing a freshman college class. The score also lets the student receive college credit, and at some colleges a score of 5 will allow you two college credits.

So what is the big deal of doing this?  Why is it important to drown yourself in school work, stay up studying and sacrifice your time for a class? Because if you want to succeed in school, if you want to graduate with a degree, it is the reality.

“AP classes exist in the first place to expose high school students to college-level courses. Even though you’re still taking the class at your high school, AP classes tend to have harder, more detailed curriculums than your typical high school classes,” Halle Edwards, an expert on AP and a writer for the website PrepScholar, said.

If students are able to receive two college credits, and already know their major, they are able to advance and avoid introductory classes, leaving them with more opportunity for other electives, a secondary major and even personal interests. Not only will students be able to get ahead faster, they can also save money for not purchasing books or required materials for that class.

“These credits can allow students to save college tuition, study abroad, or secure a second major. AP can transform what once seemed unattainable into something within reach,” the AP curriculum of CollegeBoard, said.

The help from your AP teachers in high school will help you build college skills and studying skills that you will need in the future because most college professors will not take as much time or patience AP teachers are acquired with.

Now, you know the importance, you know the money you can save, so how will you do it? Studying and prepping for the AP exam, on top of other course work, is just as important sitting down and taking the test on test day.

Prep books, online practice and study sessions that teachers offer will all come into play while working towards your college credit. There are different tips and quirks for each kind of AP test, for different courses, but overall talking to your teacher and other students who have already taken the exam will help the most. Understanding the structure of the test is also important, too. College Board releases the exam schedule and structure in order for students to be more prepared.

  All in all, in an AP Class, every person in there wants the student to succeed. Working together with other AP students in the class, reviewing with teachers, and equipping students with the correct materials, will ensure the success of the highest possible score.

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