The history of the Democrats

August 28, 2017



-Andrew Jackson, he was a man who did many things but probably the most important was the ideal of “universal male suffrage” so now, even if you are poor and do not own land, you can vote in elections!

-Women!!! Women can vote!!! Under Democratic president Woodrow Wilson, the United States passed the nineteenth amendment allowing women to vote.

-Finally something is done about the environment after an entire century of big machines and the pollutions from the booming industry, Teddy Roosevelt and his need for conservation proposed that lands should be set aside, under Federal property, so it would not be taken over by booming industries. So in short, national parks were created

-When you’re getting old and ready to retire, you now do not have to depend on solely your family, because of FDR there is social security! You are able to save money straight from your paychecks to a small savings account for you to receive when you probably need it the most.

-Under Lyndon B. Johnson, the Civil Rights Act was passed, and therefore outlawed discrimination of African Americans and women while also prohibiting segregation.

-Under the Obama’s Affordable Care Act, it will now be the intention to keep and hold insurance companies accountable to therefore create and improve a better health care system for all Americans.

Although many Americans do believe that under many democratic presidencies, America has thrived throughout our economy and social issues that have kept society apart, and to an extent that is true, but like everything else in life, nothing can be perfect.


-They caused the Civil War because literally slavery was the most heated topic for southerners and was a vital part of their lifestyles, although very cruel and many did suffer, the southern, democratic beliefs at the time did not see slaves as equal, but as means of labor.

-Yes, it is mentioned that Woodrow Wilson did pass suffrage for women under the 19th Amendment, but he did ever so reluctantly. The amendment was passed at the very end of his term after radical feminist marched outside the white house and there were countless marches in the streets for women and their hopes for voting equality.

-FDR, by passing social security and other programs proposed in his New Deal, it was in WW2 when he was criticized for throwing Japanese Americans into intermediate camps, due to war hysteria that many people in America had. These camps, although not as harsh and cruel, reflected those in the Holocaust for the Jewish.

-Lyndon B. Johnson was responsible in passing the Civil Rights Act to ensure that no Americans will face segregation and discrimination in the workplace. However, he was one of many presidents who kept troops in Vietnam, causing countless protest on the American home front because of the young men who were being drafted, and even after many ordeals that showed American troops were causing nothing besides adding fuel to the fire. Troops were finally pulled out under Nixon, a republican.

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