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Ball of duty

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Haley James

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Pomp and circumstance
April 24, 2019
Garrett Estes

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Ball of duty

Danielle Goold (DG10187)

Danielle Goold (DG10187)

Danielle Goold (DG10187)

Most Etowah students know how Principal Ball has changed Etowah.  Whether it is cleaning up the new campus or raising test scores, he has done an incredible job improving the school. He improved Etowah’s reputation; however, not as many people are aware of the ways the school and the students in it have changed him.

“Mr. Ball made Etowah a comfortable environment where kids are proud to go to this school. I think he changed the concept of a principal by being friendly, while still maintaining authority,” Mckenna Casquejo, sophomore, said.

Meeting the student’s needs has always been one of Ball’s number one priorities. We see it every day in the school, around the halls, and in all of his past accomplishments. He learned how to pay attention to what was really needed by coming to work with ears open to change, and transformed the school into something more successful.

“I think Mr. Ball is the coolest principal that will ever be at Etowah, and I’m going to miss him my senior year,” Timothy Gatto, junior, said.

Ball also believes that this job as principal has made him less selfish, since he has had to sacrifice his wants for the school’s needs. Saying farewell to our head Eagle will be hard for everyone, and Ball has expressed how much he will miss the school. The staff and student body at Etowah are thankful for the changes Ball has made, and the efforts he has to make this school great.


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Ball of duty