2016 recap

Garrett Estes

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   2016 has been a crazy year with its ups and its downs and even more downs.  From the Election to Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice, 2016 just was not the best year.  From celebrity deaths such as Prince, Alan Rickman, Gene Wilder, and Harambe, which by now a meme more dead than Harambe himself, 2016 just seems to be a bad year.  2016 was filled with crazy moments and events that shocked the nation such as the Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe mix-up and Brexit.

However, 2016 was not all bad; there were still a few good movies released this year, such as Captain America Civil War and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  This year was also big for technology as the Amazon Echo and virtual reality headsets came out.  Not to mention that Suicide Squad gave us Slipknot memes.

So, while this year could have been much better, just relax, and say to yourself this New Year’s Eve, at least next year cannot be any worse.  Right?