The breakup of two ‘Lovers’

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April 8, 2023 was a sad day for Swiftie nation. After nearly six years together, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have reportedly split. The breakup happened in early March, but the shattering news just surfaced in early April.  

This was surprising to many, as the couple seemed really strong and had not expressed any troubles. While the two have not publicly announced the news themselves, many sources close to them have come forward with information about the reason behind the split. One source toldEntertainment Tonight” that it was mostly Swift’s decision, as they were in different places in their lives and had very contrasting personalities that caused them to grow apart. Another source told “People” the same thing, adding that Alwyn, a very private person himself, had been struggling with Swift’s extreme fame and scrutiny from the public.  

“They had been together for such a long time and were spending so much time together, but their personalities were just too different. Joe is more introverted, shy, and quiet,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. 

While the couple’s relationship was kept very private over the years, there has been speculation that many of Swift’s recent songs have been about her relationship with Alwyn. Her albums “Reputation,” “Lover,” “Folklore,” and “Midnights” include several tracks referencing her love for Alwyn and their close bond. This has made many fans sad about the relationship ending, as they could see how much Swift loved him through her music and believed it would last forever. Some have even been mourning the split by visiting Swift’s former apartment on Cornelia Street, which is referenced in her song “Cornelia Street” and is rumored to be about the times that her and Alwyn spent there together, and putting flowers outside the door or taking pictures.   

“Taylor and Joe were always the blueprint; us Swifties always looked up to them. When I heard they broke up, I was so distraught. Nobody ever really heard much about their relationship, but it was still shocking,” Laika Olwana, sophomore, said.  

Many fans believe that acts like the ones on Cornelia Street are going too far and are violating Swift’s and Alwyn’s privacy. The couple is known for keeping their relationship personal, and with the recent news about Alwyn’s struggle with Swift’s fame, many say that this is exactly what they do not want and are making the situation worse.  

“I think that it is really messed up that the Swifties are showing up to some, now, random person’s home to put flowers for something that does not even matter. If they were true fans, they would respect that the breakup has nothing to do with them,” Hayden Denalli, senior, said.  

While one may be sad about the way things ended between the two, it is important to remember that they are still people, and their privacy needs to be respected.