An expensive discussion

An expensive discussion

Align tanks. Scuba jackets. Belt bags. The athletic clothing company, Lululemon, has been all the rage lately, but is it really worth all the hype?  

While I can admit that its clothes are really cute, I do not think Lululemon is worth it, as the products are extremely expensive, especially compared to other brands. Its prices range from $30-$700, with one of its most expensive items, the Snow Warrior 3-in-1 Parka, selling for $698. Maybe it is just me, but I would not be okay with dropping $700 dollars for a jacket, when I could find a really similar one at Walmart. Lululemon is not very affordable, as most people are not able to spend that much money on clothes, even for their cheapest items.  

“Lululemon quality is good, but paying almost a hundred dollars for pants is not in my budget,” Laika Olwana, sophomore, said. 

While the brand does offer a resale site, Lululemon Like New, where you can buy its products that have been gently worn for cheaper than normal cost, the prices are still outrageously high. One pair of leggings on the site is currently selling for $65-$75, and while it was originally $128, it still is not affordable for the average person. Personally, I am unable to spend that much money on new clothing, let alone one that has been used. If I am buying something that has already been worn, I expect the prices to be relatively cheap.   

“I think it is ridiculous that Lululemon is selling clothes that have already been worn for the price of some companies’ most expensive items,” Isaac Calderon, freshman, said.  

Not only are the prices extremely high, but its clothes are not all that special, and you can find dupes at stores like Amazon for a lot cheaper. One of Lululemon’s most popular items, the Hotty Hot Shorts, are selling for as much as $78; meanwhile, you can find almost the exact same thing on Amazon for only $28. Another popular Lululemon item, the Scuba Oversized Half-Zip Hoodie ($118), has a dupe on Amazon selling for only $40, more than half the price. Lululemon is only as popular as it is because of the logo and status that comes with it. This allows the company to have extremely high prices because it knows that people will buy them. However, these Amazon dupes show that you can get almost the exact same item, just with a different logo, for half the price.  

“With the economy right now, Lululemon prices have gone up almost $20, and no one has the money for that. It is extremely easy to find Lululemon dupes on Amazon that have practically the same material for $40 cheaper,” Emma Peacock, junior, said.  

If you are not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on one or two items, Lululemon is not worth it, and there are many other options to buy similar clothes at affordable prices.