The resurrection of Dungeons and Dragons

Picture Credits: IMDb

Picture Credits: IMDb

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is a classic board game that has witnessed it all. Since its release in the early 1970s, the world has seen D&D’s affiliation with outcasted social groups and has morally branded the game as satanic for influencing youth with dark ideas. However, recently, public opinion towards the game has taken a positive turn. 

“It [D&D] sounds like a pretty intriguing game, but I have only seen it in Stranger Things,” Lauren Howe, senior, said. 

Lately, there has been an increase of productions in the movie industry based off of other media outlets such as singers, books, and games. Since the early episodes of Netflix’s “Stanger Things,” Internet searches for D&D have increased by over 149% every month after the first season release, which currently puts searches at a 600% rise compared to before the show aired. Similarly, sales increased by 20% during season one and have continued to skyrocket after the release of season four, topping at a 250% rise in purchases.  

“There is no denying that the Emmy-winning Netflix series has had an impact on the awareness and popularity of D&D in recent years,” Mikael Trench, writer for Looper Magazine, said.  

This refreshed interest in the timeless game has allowed Hasbro to expand the D&D franchise into the new movie “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.” Not only is the popularity of the game driving people’s anticipation for the release but also the actors involved. The movie features Chris Pine from “Star Trek,” Sophi Lillis from “IT,Rege-Jean Page from “Bridgerton,” Michelle Rodriguez from “Fast and Furious,” Justice Smith, and Hugh Grant. Critics are predicting a box office turn-out higher than the 2012 game-based movie “Battleship” with a gross of 303 million worldwide. 

“I think it [the movie] will have the classic tools and troubles of a classic D&D campaign,” Santiago Morales Vides, freshman, said. 

The movie will come to theatres March 31, 2023, so check local listings. For more information about the game and movie, visit the D&D official site.