Oh, the places you will go


College decisions are coming out by the minute, and it is finally time for many Etowah students to decide where their life will go next. As one of the most renowned schools in the state, the University of Georgia (UGA) has become more competitive than ever, especially after its Southeastern Championship (SEC) win for football. Whether it be a dream school, a safety, or just a consideration, nearly every senior at Etowah is anticipating UGA’s admissions release in just a few days on March 17.  

“I applied to UGA because it is a great school with a great atmosphere. It provides me with great opportunities both academically and socially. On top of that, it does a great job at producing graduates with successful careers, and it is reviewed by everyone as a generally great college,” Chris Laganke, senior, said. 

When UGA releases its regular decision results, this will determine where many Etowah students will spend their next four years. With a reputation as the top football school in Georgia, an abundance of Greek life, and its location in the lively town of Athens, UGA receives thousands of applicants each year; however, with this fame, students often overlook the other acclaimed colleges that Georgia has to offer. While some may have their heart set on wearing red and black, they should not dismiss the considerable number of potential universities that could just as well be the right place to further their education. 

 “I love UGA because of, not only the cutest mascot, but because of all the school spirit they have there. Even though it is a big school, the student atmosphere makes it feel like home away from home. Go Dawgs,” Avery Digirolamo, senior, said. 

UGA is an admirable university to attend, but other colleges, such as Georgia State, Augusta State University, and Georgia Tech, pride themselves on being research universities for those wishing to pursue careers mainly in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. Some may be difficult to get into, but attending these schools can give one the opportunity to study alongside the best and the brightest in the state. If one is looking for a place to find their home in the medical field, Mercer University School of Medicine, Emory School of Medicine, Morehouse School of Medicine, and the Medical College of Georgia are all renowned for their healthcare programs and ability to help students as they work to become America’s future medical professionals. 

“I chose Georgia Tech because it rose to the number one aerospace engineering program in the nation this past year, which is what I have been wanting to major in since middle school. On top of that, it is close to home and a cost-effective option due to Hope/Zell,” Gracye Lamb, senior, said. 

If one is in awe of Athen’s beauty, consider visiting the Georgia Southern University, Valdosta State University, and Berry College campuses to take in the breathtaking greenery, lakes, buildings, and architecture that could be enjoyed every morning from a college dorm window. If one’s decision weighs more on location and staying close to home, Kennesaw State University, Shorter University, and Strayer University are all just a short car ride away. On the other hand, if parents are the last thing one wants to see on the weekends, other schools like the College of Coastal Georgia, Columbus State University, Albany State University, and Savannah State University, are far enough away to take a long nap in the passenger seat. 

“The Georgia Southern campus was beautiful, especially when the sun was shining. And it is a very updated style campus that fits all your needs, especially when it comes to entertainment,” Justin Davis, senior, said. 

Whether one gets into the school of their dreams or falls back on one in which they were not particularly fond of, a letter of admission does not determine one’s worth. College is simply a stepping stone in life’s journey.