Setting sail for Spain

Setting sail for Spain

An international trip is a great way to start summer stress-free. In 2024, Etowah students will have the opportunity to do exactly that and take a trip to Spain through EF Educational Tours with Etowah’s Success and Engenuity Lab Supervisor Victoria Kemper. 

“International trips, such as [to] Spain, [can]open you up to other cultures you do not see in your daily life here in the United States,” Kian Gibbons, senior, said. 

The tour starts on June 6, 2024, with the flight first landing in Málaga, where students will spend the next 10 days exploring Spain’s major destinations. From Málaga, students will spend a day in Granada and visit a Moroccan-style tea house. The fourth and fifth days will be spent in Seville visiting an olive farm and Las Setas de Sevilla (the world’s largest wooden structure), attending a Flamenco dance lesson, and participating in a river cruise. Days six through eight are spent in beautiful Madrid, where students will go to the royal palace, Prado Museum, and take a cooking class. The trip ends in Barcelona to witness the La Sagrada Família, a church that is one of the most extravagant architectural projects ever created, and students will take a bike tour of the city.  

“It is so beautiful there [in Spain]! I think international trips should happen more often because I feel like a lot of students would enjoy learning about things when they are seeing it in person,” Ixchel Avila, junior, said. 

One of the biggest concerns for parents and students is safety while traveling. Due to EF Tours having experienced a variety of mishaps while on tours, including missed flights and confusing paperwork, the company has resources such as a Safety and Incident Response Team of experts to ensure everyone’s health and safety. The guides live in countries where EF tours take place, providing tour groups with local knowledge to keep it smooth sailing throughout the students’ time in Spain.  

“(…) We are actively shaping and innovating on the new worldwide standards for cleanliness and safety,” EF Tours said 

For information and enrollment questions, email Mrs. Kemper or visit her in room 3224.