A picture-perfect hobby


Photo credits: Ahmad Rana, Etowah senior.

Art appears in many forms— whether it is poetry, paintings, or music—and it has secured its place in society. Although photography is not commonly associated with traditional art forms, photographs are one of the few types of art that can freeze a moment in time and enable people to approach the world from a brand-new perspective. At Etowah, many students embrace this as a creative outlet.  

Photography is a form of art. I use photography as something to express myself by (…) But most importantly, how I can forward that feeling through my photography. Over the course of my photography, I have made many memories and gone through experiences that shaped the way I am today. Just taking pictures with friends gives you a different perspective on how you hang out with people and where you fit in. And each photograph has a story behind how it came to be,” Ahmad Rana, senior and avid photographer, said.  

Many students, like Ahmad, pursue their artistic passions through camera work outside of school. However, Etowah offers outlets for students to embrace picture taking through activities like Photography Club and Yearbook class. Sports photography, photojournalism, fashion photography, and portrait photography are only the tip of the iceberg regarding what photography has to offer.  

“I like photography because it allows me to be in the moment without having to be in pictures. I love capturing a joyous moment through the camera lens and being able to share that picture with others so they can hopefully feel the same joy that I do when I take the picture,” Alicia Isenberg, senior and Etowah Yearbook Editor-in-Chief, said. 

Photography is also a way for people to express themselves. Pictures can provide an in-depth outlook to one’s own unique perspective and help them embrace life’s uncertainties.  

I remember when I was younger, whenever someone wanted to take a picture of themselves or as a group, I would always volunteer, and I would always try my best (…) I would always challenge myself to see how many ways I could take that picture and maybe discover something new and something I had not noticed before. As I started to understand photography, I made an Instagram account called A.RanaCaptures (…) My goal was never to get many likes and followers, but to be unique, share, and express how I saw things,” Rana said. 

Photography plays an essential role in daily life—more than one may think. Whether it be snapping a 0.5 picture of a friend drinking Boba tea or capturing the setting sun in the evening, photography is a universal language that speaks to the heart. This art form captures the most breathtaking and abstract moments; it is a medium that can be exact and definite, but it also can be warped and whimsical.  

“I think [photography] is a good way to get a diverse group of people interested in different sports that take place around the school. I also love to provide athletes with pictures of them doing what they love. Seeing their enjoyment with my photography makes me happy, and that is why I do it,” Jack Strickland, junior, said. 

Inspiration can strike at any moment. Capture life’s fleeting moments and learn more about how to begin one’s photography journey here.