Where to watch


Imagine this: you are lying down in your warm bed on a cool Friday night. You have a bowl of popcorn in one hand and a remote in the other. You have been waiting to watch a new horror movie all day long; however, you are now stumped. What streaming service will you choose?  

Netflix seems like the perfect choice being only $9.99 a month without ads, for it has a mass variety of shows and movies that you can watch 24 hours a day; however, Netflix has caused a lot of unrest for removing even the most popular shows from its collection. For instance, when “The Office” was taken off the streaming service at the end of 2020, there was huge public outcry, as it was considered one of Netflix’s staple shows. Netflix does, however, have fun, unique interactive shows and games, such as “Trivia Crack” and “Puss in Boots,” that one can participate in to make a custom storyline. Netflix is my personal favorite service of choice, as I have enjoyed many nights with my family in the living room experimenting with their interactive TV shows and binge-watching “Love is Blind.” 

“I love Netflix because it was the streaming service I grew up with as a kid. I might prefer the movies or shows produced by Hulu, HBO, or Disney, but there is just something nostalgic about opening the Netflix app for movie night,” Lyla Dennis, senior, said. 

While Netflix is for all age groups, Disney Plus is a fun, more kid-friendly streaming service with numerous Disney collections and categories, including nearly every Avengers movie and all the princess films, for $10.99 a month. The only downside to the app is that it is aimed towards younger children, and if you are looking for a horror movie that will ruin your sleep for the next week, Disney Plus is not the place to go. However, if looking for a catchy tune or a nostalgic memory, click that blue icon, and prepare to be transported to Disney’s grand castle.  

“I love Disney Plus because it has all the original Disney princess movies, such as ‘Frozen,’ which has my favorite character, Elsa,” Jayla Turner, junior, said. 

If you are looking to get rid of cable television entirely, YouTube TV is where to watch. While the service is expensive at $64.99 a month, YouTube TV offers a multitude of entertainment options for you to be able to tune into whenever and wherever. Want to watch live football? The news? “Rick and Morty?” YouTube TV has it all. If you are willing to pay the price, you will certainly get your money’s worth with YouTube TV’s hundreds of channels, unlimited digital video recorder (DVR) space, NFL and NBA networks, and so much more that you cannot get from typical cable.  

“YouTube TV is a great option if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to cable. With 85+ channels in its base plan, including local affiliate stations, the platform will help you stay up to date on many, if not all, of your favorite network shows,” Kelly Laffey said in a People article. 

While I am personally a Netflix fan, choose the service that suits your needs, whether it be your desire to keep up with Sunday football or have a laugh over a ten-year-old cartoon animation.