Flipping out for Etowah gymnastics


Chalk dust fills the air as gymnasts swing on the bars while the audience nervously holds their breath until the girls land. For most, this is nerve-racking, but for the Etowah gymnastics team, this is a normal competition. Coming from a great 2022 season, the girls are ready to make this year better than ever. Although they lost a major team member when level 9 (status according to skills) gymnast Sophia Jorgensen graduated, the team is ready to bounce back with new additions to their team. 

“I am super excited to be a part of this [Etowah gymnastics] team this year, and I cannot wait to make new and fun memories with my team,” Aubrie Jones, freshman, said. 

The team practices once a week at World of Gymnastics (WoG) with oversight from Coach and Etowah English teacher Jessica Sprecher and Assistant Coach Shelley Wilcox, along with the manager, Kinsley Lowery, a current senior at Etowah. The girls work on their skills and routines to prepare for upcoming meets and competitions. This season, the gymnasts will compete in five meets to help qualify for state and region; these events determine which team is the best in Georgia and in the southeast United States. Although they strive to attend as a team, one can also qualify as an individual for all-around, an overall score, or just for a single event. 

“This season, I am most excited about the gymnastics team making it to state. I am excited about having a young team with a lot of skills and talent, and I think we are going to have a great season,” Sprecher said. 

All the girls on Etowah’s team also compete on a club team for WoG, where they compete individually based on their own skill level. Though they are all on different levels for WoG’s program, the girls are excited to come together to support Etowah as one. 

“I am most excited to share my experiences from the past three years and show the girls that this team not only makes you a better and stronger person but teaches you life lessons about working as a team, as well as finding lifelong friends,” Alyssa OKeefe, senior, said. 

At the end of last season, Etowah’s gymnastics team was ranked tenth in the state. Unfortunately, the gymnasts missed out on going to state as a team because only the top eight qualify. However, there were two individuals that qualified for all-around, and the rest of the team was able to attend and cheer on the two. This year, the girls are striving to make it to state as a whole. 

“Being my second year on the team, I am most excited to cheer on my new and old teammates during the competition,” Alexis Cua, sophomore, said. 

Students can cheer on Etowah gymnastics at their new competition at WoG on March 3, and one can buy tickets to the meets on GoFan. For more information about Etowah gymnastics, visit the team’s Instagram.