The marching Eagles: A day in the life


A typical day begins with a sunrise, with its broad colors introducing the day. Most people start their day with work, and they end the day with a serene sunset, and the nightlife energy comes alive. The Etowah High School marching band portrayed this day in their 2022 show entitled, “A Day in the Life.” The music and choreography they performed represents the hope, challenge, and life a day can bring.  

Students first found out about the show theme in April 2022, with a simple Instagram post revealing the show’s themes title and colors. It came as a surprise to many, but it quickly caught on with the students as they began to express their excitement for the show.  

“When I first found out about the show, it was definitely a surprise and something none of us saw coming, but after talking with friends and everyone, I began to realize how much of a unique look we would have,” Sophia Moore, junior, said. 

The Marching Eagles began practicing in July and worked tirelessly through summer heat for hours on end. It was not until Aug. 26 that the marching band debuted the performance to the Eagle community at a football game. The show was met with loud and visible support from the audience, and many were ready for more.  

“They were all so excited for us to get down to the field. It was a confidence booster and let me know I could do more of this and get better throughout the season,” Luke Wright, freshman, said.  

On Oct. 8, the Eagles made their way up to Blue Ridge to compete for the first time that season and raised the bar for future competitions. They earned superior ratings in all categories and placed 4th overall with Color Guard placing 1st in their division. Although they competed with a few parts of the show unfinished, they were able to showcase their true power and potential. 

“It was crazy that night, I never imagined a first competition to go that well for us. Watching the video afterwards of our performance really put into view over where we could go in the future,” Moore said.  

As the season’s end approached, so did many challenges. The music arrangement featured four movements of music they had to perform, which required more energy from students continually throughout the show. The liveliness was demanding for students, as they had to push through a roughly seven-minute performance without breaking the theme’s character.   

There are times in life where we must keep going because we know the end goal is worth it. An analogy I used for [marching students] was about the gym, do you see progress the first day? Absolutely not. So why do we do keep doing it? Because we know what we are going for,” Stephen Long, band director, said. 

The season came to a close on Nov. 5 when the Eagle Band competed at the Old South Marching Festival & Competition in Newnan County. They wrapped up their time proudly, placing fifth overall out of 17 competing bands with a score of 92.2, the highest score the program has seen in years. The Etowah Color Guard and drum majors took first place with percussion and band in second place for their class.  

“I was unimaginably happy walking off the field, looking at the progress we have made from a low 80s band to a 90s band makes me feel so proud,” Drake Wright, senior and drum major, said.  

Though it has ended with a bittersweet finale, the band is looking forward to all the things the winter season brings them, including winter guard and indoor percussion.