November is the year’s Thursday

The human habit of associating any two unrelated concepts is interesting; the correlations can be between anything from numbers, to colors, to school subjects, and even months and days, such as November and Thursday. November being Thursday feels just as true to some as math being red and the number three being green.  

“[November] definitely feels like a Thursday,” Nicholas Nejad, sophomore, said. 

Many people agree that November is the year’s Thursday, but almost no one can explain why they think so. Some say it is because Thanksgiving is on the final Thursday of November, while others claim it is because they associate Novembers and Thursdays with the numbers seven and 49, the color orange, and the general “almost there” feel of being the second-to-last phase in a given period. One interesting take would be that those born in November would most likely have been conceived on Valentine’s Day, which happens to be on February 14th, and fourteen divided by two is seven, which is a number associated with Thursday, and thus, November. 

“Now that you say it, November absolutely feels like a Thursday. December makes the whole year because of Christmas, and the two-week break, and snow, and just a general good vibe, so it feels like Friday, making November a Thursday,” Chase Parbhoo, sophomore, said. 

To associate these different ideas with each other is a rather broad concept. Many might agree that the number five and the letter “A” are red, or that summer is yellow, or that November is Thursday, as established earlier. However, some beg to differ. To a small minority, November could be seen as a Wednesday or a Friday, or it could not even be seen as a weekday at all, for it can certainly seem quite odd to associate the feeling of a month with that of a day. 

“What do you mean? November is a month. Not a day,” Hunter Huskins, sophomore, said. 

November being a Thursday is an idea just as debatable as any other, and there is no certainty to what weekday may claim the eleventh month. But to many, it sure feels like a Thursday.