Notes, study, tests, repeat


The start of the school year means tests every week, a bunch of vocabulary, and messy notes scattered everywhere. Trying to find the most useful way to study can be overwhelming.  

Students often have a hard time studying for tests. Due to being overwhelmed with information, it can be difficult to know what to study or even where to start. Rewriting notes in color taken in class can help with remembering the information. Studies have shown that the human mind remembers better in color, so this can help one to do better on tests. 

“Even when people attempted to remember words or objects, color had the greatest effect on recall,” Kelly Mclendon, said. 

Many find that memorizing vocabulary words can be hard. Some believe that the easiest way to study is simply reading it over and over one’s notes. However, if one rewrites the definition and the word on separate notecards and then matches them, it creates better memorization in a more organized way. 

“I think matching really helps me memorize because I can visibly see and move the word and definitions,” Ari Shostak, sophomore, said. 

Different methods to study work for every person. Some students like to make their own study guide using, and many will use ‘Quizlet,’ mainly for vocabulary. When using the ‘learn’ tasks, it creates a way to not only know the words but how to spell them also.  

“I use Quizlet a lot. It really helps me with vocabulary quizzes because it not only is an easy way to make a study guide, but it is really easy to access to study,” Megan Busbee, junior, said. 

While there is no correct way to study, it is helpful to find at least one method that works best. When trying to review one’s work, these ideas can help students stay focused and on top of their assignments.