Skipping through senior year

Skipping through senior year

After three years at Etowah, the class of 2023 is now starting their last ten months as Eagles. The class of 2023 may be close to graduating, but they must first make it through the SAT and ACT, college applications, Advanced Placement (AP) tests, and final exams in order to finish out the year.  

“Senioritis,” which refers to the tired feeling many seniors experience when approaching graduation, has prompted many students to participate in Senior skip days during their last year in high school.  

“Seniors tend to skip school because it is something fun they can do for their last year at Etowah. It has been a tradition, and it is a privilege that we have been waiting four years to do. I just want to make sure our class of 2023 has a chance to take part in it,” Brooke Belsito, senior class president, said.  

Senior skip days may be a school tradition, but since it is not an official event, any absences students receive during these days will be unexcused. Still, teachers know not to expect most of their seniors these days. Many educators will even ask their students to notify them ahead of time which days they will be absent, so they can plan ahead. There is an exception when it comes to AP students, as many feel almost nothing is worth missing a day of their difficult classes. 

“Skipping school just does not seem worth it in AP classes because you can get the lesson and majority of the work done in class, but when you skip, you fall behind more easily,” Devyn Damiano, senior, said.  

Though different dates are chosen every year, there is a common theme surrounding events such as prom or a holiday like Halloween when students may want more time off. There is no limit to the amount of skip days per year, nor a plan for the seniors beyond simply skipping school. Students may do whatever they please in their free time off campus.  

“I plan on participating in all the senior skip days. I will either be playing golf or just hanging out with my friends,” Ben Mixon, senior, said.  

No matter how senior skip days seem to affect students’ attendance, most feel it is necessary to give seniors a scheduled break from the stress of their final year. In many seniors’ opinions, a few days of school missed from an otherwise average attendance record is worth it.