A unique path to success


As the sun starts to rise, Robin Coggins, a new Special Education teacher at Etowah High School, settles into her desk with coffee in one hand and assignments in the other. While many students believe that going straight to college after high school is the only way to be successful, Coggins is proof that this is false.

During her time as an Etowah student, Coggins decided that her junior year of high school would be her last. She took a break from her education for five years to relieve mental stress but later decided to acquire her General Education Development (GED).

“I had to go back to school to get my GED before I could start college,” Coggins said.

After obtaining her GED, Coggins furthered her learning at Kennesaw State University to get her teaching degree. Once she completed her four years, she decided to return to Etowah High School as a Special Education teacher specializing in literature/composition.

“It [teaching] has been a passion my entire life. From the earliest age I can remember, I felt called to be a teacher,” Coggins said.

Through teaching, Coggins hopes to share her love for writing with her students. She utilizes honest vulnerability to inspire them to strive for success and hopes telling her past experiences in life will give them the motivation to strive for a good future that suits them. Coggins wants them to embrace the diversity in the Etowah community so that they can see the differences that make each of them unique.

“I want to connect [to] my students because of the rich diversity we have in our community,” Coggins said.

Coggins aspires to eventually become either the Head of the English Department or Head of the Special Education Department at Etowah. Currently, she is taking leadership classes at Kennesaw State University to obtain her Teacher Leadership Endorsement. These classes will equip Coggins with the knowledge and skills necessary to help improve student achievement and reach her occupational goals.

“Throughout my career, I really want to move into a leadership role at some point,” Coggins said.

Coggins continues to impact her students by sharing her passion for writing and always lending a helping hand when needed, and her story proves that the path to success is different for everyone.