Like father, like son

Elizabeth Risinger

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It is the fourth grade, and the teacher asks the class to write down three things they might want to be when they grow up: Brandon Boehman only has one profession in his mind: he is going to be a teacher.

“My dad was a high school baseball and basketball coach for 25 years, and through his influence, I decided I wanted to be a teacher,” Boehman said.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Boehman became one of the junior varsity softball coaches at Etowah while also teaching government and economics. Boehman is always encouraging his players to become great athletes and better teammates, even when games do not go as planned.

“It is really easy to be a good teammate when everything is going well when you are losing, that is when you need good teammates to be there to pick you back up,” Boehman said.

When Boehman is not at school or coaching, he is grilling. He does the majority of the cooking in his household, often making his meals using one of his three different grills. Boehman started making food for friends in college while tailgating before games, and it eventually became one of his favorite pastimes. 

“It struck a chord with me; it is my getaway, something I like to do. Everybody has their thing, and for me, it is grilling and cooking,” said Boehman.

Boehman continues to model his life after his father here on Eagle Mountain by being a remarkable teacher as well as coaching a successful softball team. If one wishes for grilling tips, room 7213 is always open.