So long senior season

Alyssa Pearson

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The final whistle sounds as the Etowah Varsity Football team represents the Eagles one last time, on Nov. 5 at Alpharetta High School, concluding their season. 

“It [the last game] was the best/worst feeling. Worst because I realized I would never cheer for the Eagles again, but best because I knew it was time for me to put an end to that chapter in my life,” Lauren Giesler, senior, said. 

Although the season did not end with a win, the score being 34-0, the senior football players, cheerleaders, and students finished their last high school game with sentimental thoughts. 

“It [the last game] obviously hurt because it’s the sport I love and been loving. I gave my all every chance I had. Memories were made, ones that I can look back for the rest of my life,” Diego Vargas, senior, said. 

Many juniors are disappointed about the seniors leaving because they were able to make many lasting friendships over the years. 

“It is sad to see some of my best friends leave and sad to think about how we will be in that position next year too, but I am also excited for them to move on to the next chapter of their lives,” Heidi Mohrmann, junior cheerleader, said. 

With seniors being Etowah’s leaders and role models, many underclassmen will miss the energy they created during the games, from starting chants to showing off their school spirit. Some juniors, however, are ready for their turn to be next year’s respected seniors on campus. 

“I will miss tailgating with my friends and then being able to run the flags in front of the football players when they come out,” Davis Newman, senior, said. 

The annual rivalry match and senior night against Woodstock High School was a favorite among many seniors. Being the only win of the season and experiencing an actual black-out, students believed the game was one to remember. 

“I got to see a lot of my friends, and it was very exciting. Even though there was a literal black out, our energy was enough to keep the stadium going. It was a very eventful and fun senior night,” Will Brenneman, senior, said. 

Although the football season has ended, seniors will continue to bring their school spirit to the upcoming basketball games.