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Ava Wilson

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With fewer than 20 days of school remaining, and summer break on the horizon, all that is left for Etowah students to tackle is the multitude of exams standing in the way. During this stressful period, keeping up with the latest TikTok trends is a popular pastime for many. While scrolling through the app, students have seen a plethora of new trends, challenges, and other forms of entertainment.   

“My favorite trend is the ‘respect trend’ because the crazy videos are nearly impossible, and my least favorite trend is the ‘worth the wait trend’ because it’s strangely popular although it isn’t that cool,” Maison Ward, freshman, said.  

One trend people have come to enjoy is the “sheesh” trend. It started as just a TikTok audio that creators would make videos to, but over time it gained widespread popularity among youth for almost no reason at all, which makes it all the more hysterical.    

 “I’d have to say that my favorite TikTok trend is the videos where the audio goes ‘SHEESH’ in the background because I find it hilarious. My least favorite trend, however, are the ones featuring couples because they’re so pointless,” Amy Mae Bishop, sophomore, said.   

With summer right around the corner, the “hot girl summer” trend has become extremely popular among teenage girls. This is where girls will work towards, or “manifest,” a glow up during the summer to become the best version of themselves. It spreads a message of confidence and positivity, helping many develop a great mindset to have. Continuing with the positivity theme, the “top ten things” trend has also made a strong presence on the app. This is where creators list their top ten favorite things about life. It tends to be wholesome and feel it provides a positive outlook as summer approaches.    

Along with some of the captivating content we have seen this spring, some trends and new features can be quite annoying, as well.   

One of my least favorites is the new three-minute video feature, which allows people to upload videos up to three minutes long instead of the original 60-second limit. While it allows for more in-depth content, many creators tend to take advantage of the feature by making one wait until the end of the video in suspense. 

However, the ending is usually a letdown, making the video a waste of time.  

Another annoying trend is the “pretend it is a photo” challenge. In this trend, people will supposedly record a video and trick the audience to believe they took a photo instead. The irony is that most creators are not actually recording a video the whole time, and are instead switching from photo to video, defeating the entire purpose of the challenge.  

This spring has definitely brought a variety of trends, challenges, and new features to the TikTok platform. While some are pointless, others are humorous and inspiring. Keep scrolling to see which ones continue into the summer trends.