The accessibility of the Covid-19 vaccine


Photo credit: Georgia Department of Public Health

COVID-19 vaccines are being distributed throughout the United States to the elderly, essential medical field workers, and the immune-compromised, and now new appointments are opening up for those who want the shot. Woodstock residents were eager to place their names on lists for a vaccine reservation. With the list filling up fast, many in need of the vaccine are not able to reserve a unit meaning many have to be without to make space for those who are at high risk. 

“We can wait [for the vaccine] . It is important for the professionals, the elderly, and the high risk to stay safe,” Erick Lopez Figueroa, junior, said. 

In order to organize the distribution of the vaccine a list was formed. To make the cut, Americans need to call their doctors and speak to them. This is especially necessary for the immune-compromised.

“The distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines has made the process [to get everyone vaccinated] slow and prioritizes many different groups to get it first, which leads to many others who need it more unable to get the vaccine and become higher risk for COVID,”Anthony Berberi, senior, said.

Hospitals have started running out of vaccines to give and are not allowing others seeking vaccination onto the list.  If allowed on the list, citizens would potentially have a reserved spot for a future vaccination when the next shipment comes in. 

“Though I do have doubts about the safety of the vaccine, I think it is important for those who want the vaccine to be able to get it. Hopefully the COVID-19 vaccine will be produced more efficiently as time goes on,” Mattie Truan, freshman, said. 

Residents in Woodstock continue to debate as many who need the vaccine have not been able to receive it, and uncertainty surrounding vaccine timelines continues.