Trading in the keyboard for a pencil

Alyssa Pearson

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Halfway there
January 26, 2022

Leaving one’s room could be a challenge when the next destination is an uncomfortable classroom desk. Online students may have had the luxury of doing schoolwork in their homes, but as second semester begins, many have returned to Eagle Mountain. 

“It is easier to learn, and I am getting used to the Etowah schedule, but I still have to get used to getting up so early,” Jamari Maxime, freshman, said. 

Some fear returning to school due to the increasing COVID-19 cases in Georgia. This risk, on top of the inconsistent schedule, causes a sense of uncertainty for online students returning 

I find myself struggling more in school because of the unknowns of each day,” Ava Scott, sophomore, said. 

However, some students are enjoying being back in class. Seeing their peers after weeks of online school brings a sense of familiarity to these uncertain times. In the face of constant changes to the learning environment, online students feel like they have an advantage due to the experience of being digital last semester. 

“So far I am adjusting back to in person school a lot smoother than I thought. Being involved in class and having that in class experience with my peers has really brought joy to me and my love for school back to me,” Ryan Lofland, junior, said.  

Whether one is dreading sitting in a classroom or excited seeing their teachers faces, COVID-19 has brought the community together, and this school year is sure to be one every student remembers, no matter the learning environment.