Netflix: new year, new content


Many people were eager to leave 2020 and had high expectations going into the New Year. However, Netflix’s removal of several fan-favoriteput a damper on many viewers’ quarantined midnight marathons. 

Whenever I’m bored, I watch Netflix. I’m not too upset shows are leaving but am excited for the new shows,” Drew Hines, sophomore, said. 

Two well-known television series, The Office and Gossip Girl,” were taken down at midnight on New Year’s Eve. After being on Netflix for multiple years, fans were upset about their removal, causing uproar among viewers, and urging others to sign petitions to bring these shows back. 

’The Office was my comfort show. I would always binge episodes, and I’m so upset it is no longer available to watch on Netflix,” Emma Yanes, senior, said. 

Viewers do not need to worry, as “The Office” is now available on Peacock TV and YouTube TV, and “Gossip Girl” is available on HBO Max. Both streaming services are available via smart phones, computers, antelevision. However, this is another subscription to pay, and viewers are not happy. 

I am so upset about ‘Gossip Girl’ coming off Netflix. That show is fundamental to my teen years, so I will try and watch it on another program,” Devyn Damiano, sophomore, said. 

Several classic movies also left Netflix at the start of 2021.  Viewers said goodbye to “The Notebook” and the “Back to the Future” series. 

’The Notebook’ should not have been removed because it is essential and helps you value loved ones and your memory,” Grace Johnson, senior, said. 

Despite all the absences, there are many new arrivals on Netflix available to watchTo stay in the loopvisit this link.