A record-breaking season of “The Bachelor”


The Bachelor is making history multiple times this season, and it is only the beginning. Last June, Good Morning America” announced the first Blackbiracial male, Matt James, would be the bachelor in January of 2021. He is also the first bachelor on the show to never have appeared on a previous spin-off of the series.  

I am so excited to watch this season of The Bachelor. It is already much better than previous seasons, and I think it is amazing that Matt James is the first Black bachelor,” Mackenzie Martin, senior, said.  

James met “The Bachelor” producers through Tyler Cameron, a previous contestant on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. Cameron and James quarantined together along with Brown, which led to him meeting “The Bachelor” crew. They realized how perfect James was for the position and asked him to be the bachelor for season 25.  

“I realized that Matt James was quarantining with Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown, so I was aware that he had connections to The Bachelor producers once they announced his positon,” Sydney Bray, sophomore, said. 

This season had a record-breaking number of applications and contestants on night one.  James, who made history in Bachelor Nation by allowing 32 contestants on set, intrigued women across the country. 

There is a great variety of women on this season. Some are very over the top, and a lot of them are laid back. I think the diversity of the girls makes it interesting because it causes a lot of drama, which is what Bachelor Nation loves to see,” Mattie Truan, freshman, said.  

*Spoiler alert ahead* 

On the first episode of the season, a contestant is awarded the First Impression Rose. One of the contestants, Abigail Heringer, received the rose after opening up to James about her hearing-impairment. This is the first season on “The Bachelor” that someone with this disability appeared on the show. Not only did she receive the First Impression Rose, but Heringer also got the first kiss of the night.  

“I loved Abigail from the very start. She was very genuine, and I loved that she was so willing to open up about being hearing-impaired,” Libby Reach, junior, said.  

This season of The Bachelor has already had much to offer and a variety of entertainment. Tune in on ABC Network every Monday at 8 p.m to catch the latest of Bachelor Nation.