Quit stalling in the bathroom

Alyssa Pearson

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Halfway there
January 26, 2022

One would think that school bathrooms would be an unappealing part of Etowah, but with the number of people who voluntarily spend time thereit does not appear that way. 

 It is stereotypical for underclassmen to hang out in the stalls between classesCountless times, I have experienced walking into the bathroom to spot the shoes of four vanilla-scented freshmen freshmen huddling in a stall, dishing out gossipThe only idea nastier than gossiping is talking about the latest drama in a smelly bathroom. 

My second least favorite occurrence in the bathroom is awkwardly mistaking that people are in line and getting behind them to wait when, in fact, they are just loitering. Many girls lean against the wall, chatting away, and are completely unaware of their surroundings. When I question if they are waiting for an open stall, they shoot me a look for even suggesting they might ever need a toilet. 

Lastly, the mixture of smells always leaves an unpleasant impression when entering the bathroom, and the addition, and the addition of Bath and Body Works perfume certainly does not help. Often, I see girls brushing their hair, overspraying overpowering body sprayand fidgeting with their non-dress code clothes, which only adds to the strange mixture of aromas in the restroom. The bathroom is already small enough, and packing in more girls than necessary, which blocks the stalls, sinks, and mirrors, makes the restroom equivalent to navigating a jungle.  

In the end, it would be ideal if the bathroom was only used for quickly doing one’s business and hurrying back to classFor those needing a place to hang out, please consider meeting anywhere else on campus and leave the toilets for their obvious purpose.