Head in the game and COVID-19 out

Riley Corona

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The Etowah basketball season started this monthand despite COVID-19 regulations, the players continue to rally on.  

“This season has been a crazy experience. I miss being able to do little things like tip-off and team bench,” Mason Etter, sophomore, said. 

Changes before, duringand after the game have been made to ensure the safety of athletes and coachesAthletes have their temperature taken and answer COVID-19 questions before they can step onto the court.  

like that coaches have to take temperatures because it is normally one of the first symptoms people have, and this helps stop the spread and we are less likely to have more cases,” Annie Arnold, junior, said. 

Throughout the game, the basketball itself is disinfected to stop the spread of germs. Along with increased sanitation, there are no more jump balls. Instead, the away team inbounds the ball first. 

“The fact the away team gets the ball first doesn’t have a major effect  on us. It just decides who gets the first possession of the game,” Brock Rechsteiner, senior, said. 

Outside of the gamecoaches always wear masksand players are encouraged to, as well, in order to prevent bringing viruses to the court. This year also includes more paperwork, as players and their families must acknowledge the possibility of being quarantined or contracting the virus. 

There’s other logistical stuff that doesn’t impact the game that Coach Graner and I deal with, such as giving the officials hand wipes, all that stuff, and wearing masks,” Jason Dasinger, boys’ varsity head coach, said. 

All ticket purchases must be made digitally this year to avoid any unnecessary contact. This can be done through the website GoFan – The largest high school ticketing solution in the U.S.  

The remainder of the varsity basketball home game themes and schedule are below. Girls’ varsity plays at 6:30 p.m. and boys’ varsity play at 7:00 p.m. 

1/5 vs. Alpharetta: White Out 

1/8 vs. Cherokee: Camo Out 

1/22 vs. Roswell: Referees 

2/5 vs. Woodstock: Suit & Tie