A senior quarantined season

A senior quarantined season

Due to COVID-19, the 2020-2021 season for athletes at Etowah has been much different than past years. From having packed crowds to only 25% capacity this seasonseniors from various sports feel discouraged and upset that their last year on a high school team is unlike any other. 

It is extremely different playing in the new gym with a much smaller capacity, but we are trying to make the best of the season, and are very thankful we got to play this year,” Kye Clayborne, senior varsity basketball player, said. 

Fall sports athletes were highly encouraged to wear masks at practices and during close contact situations at gamesPlayers are also mandated to follow social-distancing rules and avoid posting close contact with other teammates on social media platforms to ensure that rules are being followed.  

Not being able to post pictures or videos being on the sideline this year was much different. It was hard to not hit post, but I think it reminded me and the team to live in the moment,” Abby Allen, senior varsity cheerleader, said. 

Limited playing time and ability to promote their prowers on social media has affected senior prospects from receiving college offers and scholarships. Instead, recruiters are forced to use records and footage from previous seasons as insight for decisions.  

COVID affected me and my entire lacrosse team because our [2020] season got cut in half. No scholarships were given to anyone on the teamand it affected us tremendously,” Tristin Moore, senior varsity lacrosse player, said 

Another significant difference for the seniors has been the ban on banquets and pep rallies. Traditionally, pep rallies have been held to motivate teams at the beginning of the season and before major rivalry games. Banquets are typically held to give the athletes the chance to say goodbye to their team and receive awards, but now seniors have to say their last goodbyes after games or tournaments instead.  

It was sad knowing our last football game was our last moment to cherish together for the last time as a team. I wish we could have a banquet, but it was fun while it lasted,” Trevor Fairsenior varsity football player, said.  

COVID-19 might have caused a significantly different senior season for many Etowah athletes, but the student body, faculty, and teams are trying to make the best of it.