Let’s get stuffed


   Thanksgiving: a day to stuff your face with way too much food, watch football, and of course, give thanks. The best part of Thanksgiving is undebatable: the food. The argument of what traditional Thanksgiving food is the best is quite controversial, and people often feel very passionate, but as a vegetarian, I felt it was vital to share my most likely unpopular opinions.

  1. Mashed potatoes. I could eat mashed potatoes all day long. I love all forms of potatoes, so I will support any opportunity to eat them. 
  2. Green beans. There is not much to say about green beans other than the fact I love them. Maybe this is merely my attempt to feel healthy on Thanksgiving, but every year, you will find a huge spoonful of butter-slathered green beans on my plate. 
  3.  Rolls. Simply put, I love rolls. I will eat any and all bread on Thanksgiving. Hawaiian rolls, crescent rolls, dinner rolls, and even biscuits are all welcome on my dinner plate. 
  4.  Apple pie. My favorite Thanksgiving Day dessert is, and always will be, apple pie. I can eat my weight in apple pie, but only on Thanksgiving Day. I am unsure of why this is, but I do not think that apple pie tastes as good on any other day of the year.  
  5.  Pumpkin pie. While pumpkin pie is a Thanksgiving Day necessity, I cannot stand it. The texture of the filling is weird, and the smell throws me off. However, it is not Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie, so I still think it is essential to have at dinner. 
  6. Stuffing. I support anyone who wants to indulge in typical Thanksgiving food, such as stuffing. However, I will not eat stuffing on Thanksgiving or any other day of the year. I do not understand why anyone would choose to eat that dry, bland, pile of bread. I am not sure if these opinions stem from my lack of experiencing tasteful stuffing, but I will stick to almost any other dish.
  7. Turkey. As the staple of Thanksgiving Day food, I originally felt obligated to rank it highly. However, as a vegetarian, I would not touch that dead bird sitting in the middle of the table with a 39-and-a-half-foot poleEveryone else can enjoy their turkey legs, but I will be sticking to the mashed potatoes and green beans, thank you. 

 Hopefully your Thanksgiving Day is filled with celebrating things you are thankful for, as well as eating a lot of empty carbs and apple pie.