Two Week Corona-cation

Alyssa Pearson

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Halfway there
January 26, 2022

The paradise of sleeping in. The luxury of watching Netflix. The flexibility of eating whatever and whenever I want. All of these sound tempting, but is it really worth getting quarantinedI thought it was, but after a long two weeks, have officially changed my mind. 

My first obstacle while quarantined for secondary exposure was lack of motivation. After a poor sleep schedule developed, I found myself staying up all night and sleeping all day. After sleeping, had little to no motivation to get out of bed and work on school assignments. The constant “I can do it tomorrow” or “it is not due til tonight” voice seemed to echo in my head. 

My second challenge was my struggle to learn new material. When I did find the motivation to participate in school work, I often looked at online school as piles of assignments versus truly learning anything. My two weeks at home consisted of deadlines rather than educational growth. 

The last problem I came across was the feeling of straight boredom. Whenever I did finish school work, whatever time of day that would be, I would get on my phone or watch TV for hours on end. This idea was appealing at first, but after an endless repeat of the same day, the idea of watching TikTok and The Office for the twentieth time that day seemed sickening.  

The best advice I have when students gets that ominous call over the speaker to pack their belongings and head to quarantine is to get their mindset prepared for keeping up with their school work. Getting quarantined is not ideal for any student, but take advantage of these two weeks to stay on top of school work, and stay safe.