Friday night farewell

Riley Corona

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Friday night farewell

As the football season comes to a finish, this is the end of an era for many Etowah seniors.  

I wish this season didn’t have to come to an end. I am truly going to miss it so much. It is so fun cheering with these girls, and I have made amazing memories,” Caroline Kapscos, senior, said. 

Every game has special moments that make FNL important to the student body. Football players, band members, color guard teammates, cheerleaders, and the student section are all critical aspects to football games. 

“I will miss playing with my teammates that I have played with since I was six years old and just being able to play football, it is something I will look back on later in life and miss,” Blake Bohannon, senior, said. 

The hardships of COVID-19 brought a whirlwind of emotions this yearaltering the dynamic of practices and gamesHowever, students persevered through the tough times, and despite struggles, many enjoyed the season. 

“Only being able to perform at home games cultivates the lively energy to make the most of every performance from the moment we step on the field. I have learned to cherish every single moment with my guard teammates, and despite the curveballs COVID has thrown, I love the show the color guard and band produced,” Sarah Oburu, senior, said. 

Eagle Connection seniors this year are giving their all to create a rowdy environment despite social distancing requirementsThe seniors play a crucial role in finalizing themes and hyping the student section by running flags, shaking cowbells, and making sure everyone is cheering on the team. 

Going crazy at football games is something I am going to miss the most. I am always at the very front with the main goal of getting everyone hype at these games,” Carson Reeder, senior, said. 

The Etowah Marching Band always brings it, perfecting songs played at every game such as, “Hey Baby,” Paint it Black,” and “The Fight Song,” as well as their halftime show performed at home games. 

“I am so glad to have found the marching, band program throughout high school. It has brought me so much joy from singing Hey Baby at fourth quarter and playing Joe at the football games. This last game will be bittersweet as I will be doing the thing I love for a final time,” Kaitlyn Gower, senior, said. 

Seniors said their last Aloha this season in September and will say their final goodbyes Nov. 21. Join the Etowah Eagles at the last home game, kicking off at 7:30 p.m.