A new game is ‘Among Us’


A viral app has taken over teenagers’ phones, and it is difficult to understand the excitement for the game until downloading it. At the beginning of October, the name “Among Us” started spreading around school hallways and classrooms, and it quickly grew internationally. 

“’Among Us makes school more fun when I get to play with all the people in my classes and at lunch. It gets super addicting, and I love it,” Makhenna Knight, freshman, said.  

On the app, players have the choice to play online against people all over the world or locallyPlayers are also given the option to either join a random game, join a game with friends using a code, or create a new game.  

I like creating my own game and inviting my friends to it, so that all my friends are in a game together,” Nathan Forrester, senior, said. 

Once players enter the portalthey can create their own username, pick a character color, and have a variety of uniform pieces to choose from. Users can pay money to get exclusive options for their character. 

My favorite costume piece is the party hat, and I like the white color. It’s a really cute combination, and it makes my character look fun,” Lauren Giesler, junior, said. 

After up to ten users enter the game, the host starts the game. There are seven to nine crew members and one to three mystery imposters. Once the game begins, crew members must run around the spaceship and complete tasks while staying alive to win the game. They also must find out who the imposters are and attempt to vote them out of the game. If the imposters kill everyone before players’ tasks are completed, the imposter has the victory.  

I always want to be the imposter. It’s the most exciting, especially when I get to chase everyone around and be sneaky,” Nathan Forrester, senior, said. 

The game is highly addictive, and students at Etowah can be found playing during classes, during lunch or even just sitting at home. Download Among Us to join in on the fun.