Battle of Towne Lake


*This picture was taken before COVID-19 and before social distancing was mandated.

This Friday, the Etowah Eagles go head-to-head with the Woodstock Wolverines in the Battle of Towne LakeEtowah hopes to get its first win tonight 

One of the team’s major goals is to carry on the two-year winning streak against Woodstock’s football team. Will Curcio, sophomore and quarterback, is hoping to see improvement in himself and in the team to score another victory against Woodstock. 

“Beating Woodstock is the only thing on our mind and that matters right now. I hope to go out and play well to be able to put our team in a position to win this game by a lot,” Curcio said. 

Although Etowah is struggling this season on both offense and defense, the team is getting hyped while preparing to end its six-game losing streak. 

“In order to win this game, we need to work on playing as a team and for each other. Execution of the ball is an issue both sides struggle with, and in order to complete our biggest goal of beating Woodstock, these problems need to be worked on,” Braden Bohannon, junior, said. 

Etowah is stepping up the energy for one of the most competitive games of the season.  “Woodstock Hate Week” is a yearly tradition that students participate in, and the energy of the student section pumps the players up more than any other game 

We have played a lot of good teams this season, and if we prepare for the way we prepared for the past few weeks against Roswell, Milton, and Cherokee, I feel confident in Friday’s game. As a senior, this game means the most out of any of the games on our schedule, so we plan to work harder this week so that we accomplish a win Friday night,” Jared Weitkamp, senior, said. 

The football team hopes its daily twohour practices pay off Friday night.  

We do tons of position specific drills with our groups and a lot of reps with the varsity offense against JV defense, and with the Varsity defense and JV offense to create a scrimmage,” Putnam said. 

This game is taking place at Woodstock High School, kicking off at 7:30 p.m. Be there, dressed in black, to support the Etowah Eagles.