Will fall activities fall victim to COVID-19?


Fall activities are a fun time for students, whether dressing up for FNL themes or putting on their best outfit to dance the night away at homecomingDue to Coronavirus, students are worried it could lead to a halt for many of their favorite events. 

Students returned September 4 to Etowah as it and two other Cherokee County high schools switched to a hybrid schedule. This has left the community with many questions regarding the continuation of extracurriculars, such as homecoming and football season. 

“COVID-19 will greatly affect the outcome of homecoming. It will stunt ticket sales because a lot of students won’t buy tickets because they are afraid to go, or there could even be a limited amount [of tickets],” Lauren Manns, junior, said. 

Along with the questionable fate of homecoming, many students have concerns about what the 2020 football schedule will look like. Social distancing regulations are going to be enforced within the student section, and many worry that if not followed, COVID cases could spike at Etowah. 

“The student section will have to be dissolved or have a completely new identity because of the virus,” Connor Fisher, senior, said. 

 Eagles Connections is working to give Etowah students a fun, yet safe student section to be as close to normal as possible. To keep everyone following proper safety precautions, ticket sales will be done all digitally this year, and there are a limited number of tickets available to upperclassmen first.  The band will be relocating to the end zone, and Etowah will allow two parents, to attend games, per athlete and band member. 

“In Eagles Connections, we have tried to come up with as many realistic ideas as possible that would still allow for an energetic student section, but COVID style,” Brittany Miller, senior, said. 

Many students were eager to start school and were looking forward to showing off their school spirit. This could create a stressful situation if they are unable to continue their school year and events as normal. However, students and administrators are working to make best of the current situation. 

“I feel like the student section is one of the best parts of the high school experience, and with COVID going on, it’s going to be really challenging, but hopefully, we continue to bring up Eagle spirit the best way we can,” Avery Digirolamo, freshman, said. 

Eagles are tough, and like Etowah’s mascot, students and the community will face the challenges to ensure everyone is able to enjoy the school year while staying safe.