A dream send-off to St. Louis


Not many people can say that they wrestled an Eagle before getting in a limo to hop on a plane headed to St. Louis to go behind the scenes of the World Wrestling Entertainment. 

Hundreds of encouraging classmates filled the gym to help send sophomore Anderson Sisk on his way to his dream. Sisk and his family will be traveling to Missouri to attend a behind the scenes tour of the WWE.  

“[It was awesome] seeing the look on Anderson’s face when he got to live out part of his dream and how all the students got together to support him,” Joshua Hughes, freshman, said. 

From decorating posters to changing the word “Eagles” to “Anderson” in the band songs, Etowah students showed their support.  

“I found the pep rally a really great experience for Anderson, and our school to allow us to give him his dream,” Campbell Munsey, freshman, said. 

As soon as Etowah students were seated into the gym, the Dream on 3 team introduced Sisk and his dream of attending the WWE. After this, Sisk and the Etowah Eagle mascot, Talon, had a quick wrestling match that ended with Sisk pinning the Talon for the win. Sisk’s girlfriend, Maggie Tressler, surprised him with a wrestling belt for his win. 

“It was really inspiring, and it was great to see a school come together and support a student so much,” Mikayla Kelly, sophomore, said. 

On Sisk’s way out of the gym, a tunnel of cheerleaders and a gym full of students chanted Anderson’s name.  

“It made me really happy that Etowah could put something on like that and that everyone could come together and do that for Anderson,” Cassidy Hall, senior, said. 

Through fundraisers such as the Mr. EHS Pageant, the student-teacher dodgeball game, t-shirt sales, and the Brusters night, Etowah was able to raise $5,632.51 to help fund Sisk’s trip.  

“I feel very humbled and proud of the school for coming together to support such a kind-hearted person,” Gabriella Gibson, junior, said. 

Dream on 3 is an organization that helps special students accomplish their sports dreams. Dream on 3 along with Coaches Victoria Carter and Lindsay Alexander, helped Anderson achieve his dream. Etowah also had the help from the Junior Dream Team, which includes students from Etowah.  

“My favorite part was the send off and the whole event just coming together and turning out great. It was amazing how the school really rallied behind Anderson and the emotion and enthusiasm that was showed was a type of energy I had never felt before at Etowah until today,’’ Matthew Lane, senior and Junior Dream Team member, said.