Glad to be a grad: No cap

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Four years. Four years spent studying, practicing, learning, waking up early, going to bed late, sacrificing social lives, giving up weekends all for that one piece of paper. That one piece of paper that will open up doors to your future and signifies that you have done it. You have graduated. And now? Now it is time to party.  

“I’m throwing my grad party with my friend because it’s more fun, and we share many of the same friends. I’m really excited to get to see all of my favorite people and celebrate graduation,” Zach Meyers, senior, said.   

Some may celebrate with only their family, some with their friends, and some even invite their teachers. Several Etowah graduates plan to rent out a venue to have their friends come to celebrate with them. 

“I invited friends, family, and a few teachers to my graduation party,” Brooklyn Digirolamo, senior, said.  

Preparations for graduation celebrations may include many facets such as: catered food, photo booths, and books for guests to leave notes in.  

“I’m super excited for my grad party. It’s at my houseand we’re decorating my house with garnet and gold because I’m going to Florida State. I’m having Mexican food, and I think I’m also having a photo booth, so that will be fun,” Caroline Booth, senior, said.  

Seniors will either have this gathering before or after their graduation. Graduation parties are decorated to add to the ambience. From cheesy Party City decor, to embarrassing baby photos, graduates are sure to reflect on all of their past accomplishments.  

“We are having baby pictures at our graduation party to show how far we have come and reminisce on all of our childhood memories,” Colby Underwood, senior, said. 

Whether students choose an elaborate celebration or a night at home, the Talon wishes a joy-filled graduation season to all of Etowah’s 2019 graduates. Congratulations!