The mean green Christmas machine

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Holly Kate O’Brien

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The mean green Christmas machine

This is the tale of how the Grinch stole many hearts in his original “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”  As the latest remake of the movie is gaining new fans, people still love and cherish the other two.

“All three of the Grinch movies bring me so much joy, and I enjoy watching them with my family,” Meg Lance, freshman, said.

It all started in 1966 when the first animated movie was released. The Grinch was disgusted with the thought of Christmas, so he dressed up as Santa Claus and dressed his dog as a reindeer in an attempt to steal Christmas. Little did the Grinch know, the joy of the town was far too strong for him to take away.

“I believe the original is better than the others because it brings back nostalgia from my childhood. The animation, music, and the whole thing together brings a wonderful feeling that the other Grinch movies just can’t bring me,” Taylor Hillhouse, senior, said.

In the 2000 version, the Grinch was unhappy with the thought of his town celebrating Christmas. Cindy Lou Hoo, a citizen of Whoville, cares a lot about Christmas. She convinces the Grinch the holiday is a time of happiness and giving in hopes of changing his ways. The main difference between the 2000 version and the 2018 remake is the appearance of the Grinch. In the 2000 live action film, the Grinch is nasty; his teeth are brown, and his fur is filthy. Out of 53 students surveyed, half of the students would rather watch the 2000 version of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

“[I enjoy the 2000 version better] mostly because it is the original one that I started out watching as a kid. It was my childhood Christmas movie, and I love when Cindy Lou Hoo never gave up on the Grinch,” Sydney Williams, junior, said.

The 2018 version sets itself a part from the other two previous movies by giving the Grinch a cleaner appearance, modernizing the soundtrack featuring artists including Tyler, The Creator, and giving the movie a 3D animation rather than a 2D animation. Lastly, this version of the Grinch story is the only version that is not named, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” but named “The Grinch.”

“I found the new Grinch really funny and more modern,” Mckenna Casquejo, senior, said.

No matter the version, the Grinch is always a great option to get into the Christmas spirit.

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