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Why have we not chucked the Chucks?

McKenzie Spindler, Editor

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Every few years, fashion trends start to change drastically. Something new becomes popular, and soon, the whole industry has evolved. Shoe brands are constantly changing their styles to match whatever is trending.

However, one shoe company that has not changed within the last 90 years, still reigns superior over the others. Converse first debuted in 1908 making galoshes. In 1920, it opened its doors to basketball players, creating what we know as All Stars. Chuck Taylor All Stars arrived when their namesake joined the company because he liked its shoes so much. When Converse had its own recreational basketball team, Chuck Taylor helped coach.

In 1936, Converse introduced its famous white high tops in honor of the 1936 Olympics. The black high-tops came out in 1949 after the Second World War ended, with low cuts following in the 1950s.

What first started as a basketball shoe was now being worn by everyone- counterculture and baby boomers. In the ‘80s, Converse started to go south economically. Bad business decisions led to new managers. The switch in leadership allowed Converse return to the top.

So, why is it that for the last 97 years, Converse continues to be a popular piece of fashion, even after the trends have changed drastically?

“Well, they pretty much go with anything you wear. Jeans and a cute top, t-shirt and shorts, sometimes even dresses can be pulled off with the shoe choice of converse,” Mary Elizabeth Gerrick, junior, said.

Converse are universal when it comes to things you can wear with them. Maybe it is the classic look of them that matches everything or the fact that they look so clean and nice.

“They are timeless,” Ian Notarthomas, sophomore, said.

Next time you are struggling to figure out which shoes go best with your outfit, throw on some Converse!

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Why have we not chucked the Chucks?