A Farewell to KB


It was heartbreaking finding out Principal Ball is leaving Etowah. Although I have only attended Etowah for one semester, I know of all that he has done to transform this school and bring it all the success it has today. I have seen how Etowah’s test scores have improved over the years and how he rebuilt the school. It is very hard to see someone so passionate about our education leave.

After finding out why he is leaving, I understand. He grabbed that chance. It is a great opportunity to help kids less fortunate than we are. It is a hard job to pass up, since I learned in my very first interview in August that Principal Ball has a passion for helping kids pursue careers and access education. His new job also allows him to be close to his family again, which he expressed is very important to him.

Considering I have only been at Etowah for just over eighteen weeks, having a principal who genuinely cares is reassuring to me. The work Mr. Ball has done for all of us has been life changing. I can whole-heartedly say that the student body will miss him greatly.