The forgotten holiday

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Haley James

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Taking a toll
May 23, 2019

As the air gets cooler and the leaves hit the ground, the time to appreciate family and the little things in life settles upon us all. Although the Thanksgiving celebration in school has faded over the years, it is always good to look back at the hand-drawn turkeys and school poems about giving thanks.

“I remember one year I was with all of my family, and I was so happy. No on had a care in the world and it showed me how lucky I was to have a loving and supporting family, because some people don’t,” Gabriella Gibson, freshman, said.

Thanksgiving is often overpowered, although schools all over the nation are doing little things to give thanks. Etowah hosts its Thanksgiving feast each November to celebrate the spirit of appreciation, swapping out the regular lunch for traditional items like turkey and mashed potatoes.

Christmas seems to be celebrated earlier and earlier each passing year. Michaels has their holiday lights stocked and ready in early November, and Hallmark channel is running Christmas movies daily.

“It’s one of those holidays that’s just glazed over and forgotten until the day of. I don’t like it,” Angel Beltran, freshman, said.

Thanksgiving is all about appreciating the life you were given, and it is a time for everyone to celebrate with loved ones. There are no expectations of gifts to be given or received, and Thanksgiving will not shove overbearing songs down your throat before Halloween has even passed.

As Thanksgiving approaches, reflection on the opportunities of past years is vital. Whether it is gathering around the TV for Sunday night football or making dinner with relatives, everyone has different ways of giving thanks for the universal blessing of life.

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