Hurlbert’s running his own show

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Haley James

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May 23, 2019
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Hurlbert’s running his own show

After teaching at an alternative high school for two years before returning to his alma mater, Garret Hurlbert joins Etowah’s staff as a new teacher and coach. After retiring from the Air Force, Hurlbert put his master’s degree in biology to use and became a science teacher.

Although this is his fourth year teaching science, Hurlbert took a jump into special education for the first time. Being a runner in high school, Hurlbert is a natural fit to coach the cross country and track teams.

“Mr. Hurlbert is an awesome coach and always pushes you to do your very best,” Abigail Carson, freshman, said.

Hurlbert explained coaching was what made him want to become an educator in the first place. His inspiration to coach came from his high school cross country coach, and his desire to teach came from his AP Chemistry teacher.

“She made me want to teach; he made me want to coach. They were two huge influences on my career,” Hurlbert said.

Hurlbert always wants to see the spark in his students, whether it is one of his athletes improving a race time or seeing a student succeed on a test.

“Seeing that improvement and then actually seeing how much that final product actually has an effect on a student or athlete has just as much of an effect on you because you were obviously a direct influence on that result,” Hurlbert said.

Hurlbert is looking forward to coaching more in future years, and is already preparing for track after an exciting cross country season.

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