Inspiring hope, inspiring Etowah


Mrs. Massey (left) with students at a football game

Ever since her junior year in high school, Amanda Massey, Etowah’s economics teacher, knew she wanted to pursue a career in education. Massey found inspiration for her career in her United States History teacher, Coach McSwirly, who challenged his students daily while simultaneously being laid back. She vividly remembered learning in his class, and always being on the edge of her seat.

“I look back on my coaches, but specifically him as a teacher. He is someone I look back on and think ‘that’s the kind of teacher I want to be’,” Massey said.

Originally born in East Cobb, Georgia, Massey wanted to travel back home and be a part of Atlanta again. Previously teaching at Rome High School, she came to Etowah looking for something different.

“The kids here are willing to work harder, and they want to learn. They come into school knowing that they have to put the work in and they’re willing to do it, which makes me want to work harder for them.” Massey said.

Although she wants to push her students, Massey also finds methods to teach in a fun way. She recalls teaching in a beach chair and a kiddie pool full of sand for theme week at Rome, but still helping her students learn. Massey always wants to make sure her students know they can achieve great things, and give them that extra nudge when they think they can go no further.

“I love when I inspire hope, that’s the best thing,” Massey said.